Understanding psychosis

Here are a few resources to help you better understand psychosis. 

Understanding psychosis: A guide for young people & their supporters by the British Psychological Society

Check out this video that explains what psychosis is, why it happens, and what to do. Or view the PDF guide.

A comprehensive overview: Understanding psychosis & schizophrenia by the British Psychological Society

This long-form PDF guide from the British Psychological Society provides a comprehensive overview of psychosis & schizophrenia, including what is psychosis, how common is it, the relationship to mental illness, how it affects lives, the biology of psychosis, and the psychology of psychosis. 

Read the guide

Early psychosis information guide by Canada's Mental Health Hospital

This PDF guide offers an in-depth overview of early psychosis, including what it is, types of symptoms, phases, casues, and types of diagnoses. 

Read the guide

Watching for signs of psychosis in teens: Article by Child Mind Institute

This online article provides an overview of the earliest stages of psychosis, including early warning signs and treatment options.

Read the article

How schizophrenia starts: My experience with the prodromal phase by Living Well with Schizophrenia

In this video, Lauren talks about her experience with the earliest phase of psychosis.

In my mind: Living with psychosis by Attitude

This video follows the stories of a group of young adults who share about their experiences with psychosis and how they keep well.

My psychosis experience & recovery: Lucy's story by Headspace Australia

This is Lucy’s experience with psychosis and her journey to recovery.

What scattered thoughts are like with schizophrenia

In this video, Lauren discusses her experiences with scattered thoughts and disorganized thinking and provides a few suggestions for coping.