Stories of hope & recovery

Check out a few stories of hope and recovery from young people with experiences of psychosis. 

Ambar's story: Looking to the future

Hear from Ambar about her experiences hearing voices and working toward her future. Video produced by OnTrackNY.

Sebastian's story: Finding harmony through music

Sebastian and his mother discuss his experiences with psychosis and healing. Video produced by OnTrackNY.

Drew's story: The rhythm of recovery

Joined by his family, Drew tells his story of recovery and becoming a peer specialist. Video produced by OnTrackNY.

Carlos' story of strength

Carlos reflects on his experiences with psychosis and finding his way toward recovery. Video produced by

Alika's story: From psychosis to musician

Alika experienced an episode of psychosis at 21, got support and is now producing and performing his own music. Video produced by Rethink Mental Illness.