A resource for clinicians and community providers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We offer a range of ways for mental health and primary care providers to connect with us and learn more about early psychosis or specialized care for their clients.



Consults and referrals 

The Path team consults with community clinicians about their clients, including whether they may be experiencing early symptoms of psychosis and developing recommendations for care.  The Path Program offers comprehensive specialty care for people aged 35 and younger experiencing initial symptoms of psychosis or experiencing milder symptoms indicative of risk for psychosis.

Our multidisciplinary team of clinicians specializes in determining stages of psychosis and crafting tailored treatment plans accordingly. We collaborate with program participants and their families to navigate the uncertainties that often arise and chart a personalized path toward recovery, resilience, and full engagement in life. 

Wondering if the Path Program is right for your client? Review this quick survey to identify signs and symptoms indicating that the Path Program may be a good fit. 

Schedule a consultation or make a referral 

Note: For individuals over 35 years old or that have been experiencing symptoms of psychosis for more than 2-3 years, the Path Program Extension Clinic may be a better fit. If unsure, feel free to contact the Path Program to discuss options.


Community education 

The Path team is available to give community outreach presentations focused on the psychosis spectrum, the importance of early detection, recent research on its causes, and evidence-based treatments.  

Since psychosis most often develops during adolescence and early adulthood, we offer educational sessions with school and college staff, parent groups, faith-based communities, youth groups, primary care providers, and a range of mental health care providers, from private practice groups to inpatient unit teams. This is an opportunity for you and your staff to learn more about early psychosis diagnosis and treatment as well as information about our program and ongoing research. 



Research opportunities 

The Path Program’s team of clinicians and researchers are engaged in a variety of research studies with partners around the globe to better understand the causes of psychosis and test innovative approaches to treatment.