Our approach

Everything we do at the Path Program, from research to treatment to outreach, is guided by four values:

1. Advance research to improve health outcomes

There is still a lot to learn about early-stage psychosis. We are committed to helping advance this knowledge, conducting research alongside global collaborators to better understand the causes and indicators of psychosis and test innovative approaches to treatment. 

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2. Encourage early intervention

A national study showed that receiving specialized care in the earliest stages of psychosis increases the likelihood of reducing symptoms and improving long-term quality of life. We aim to better understand and offer support at the most crucial moment, so we can help our participants return to their lives.

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3. Empower young people through personalized,
comprehensive treatment

We believe that a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment fails to meet the unique needs of every young person. Our specialty care model is tailored to the specific stage of early psychosis a young person may be experiencing and equips participants with a personalized wellness plan focused on achieving personal goals for work, school, and relationships.

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4. Grow collective inclusion in our community

Studies have shown that individuals living with mental health challenges often face sociocultural, economic, and political exclusion. By growing mental health awareness across the Bay Area and supporting Path participants in pursuing their educational and vocational goals, we strive to create an environment in which young people can recover without the added burden of societal stigma. We envision a new paradigm in which mental health challenges are understood as common and treatable.