Coping with symptoms of psychosis

We've identified a few resources to help you learn different methods for coping with symptoms of psychosis. 

10 tips on coping with psychosis by BrainXP

Hear from Christine about how she copes with her symptoms of psychosis, including hallucinations, racing thoughts, delusions, triggers and more. 

A student's guide to hearing voices & related sensory experiences by Voice Collective

This PDF guide makes suggestions for navigating life at college as an individual who hears voices, sees visions or has related sensory experiences. It is written for students by students with similar experiences.  

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Psychosis: Strategies for everyday coping by

This online article shares a variety of ways that various individuals have learned how to cope with psychosis symptoms in their everyday lives.

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What it means to hear voices and how to cope by

This online article provides an overview of what it means to hear voices, what it might feel like to have this experience, the causes of auditory hallucinations and tips for how to cope.

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Hearing voices others can't: How a growing movement fights mental health stigma by NBC News

For Jeannie Bass, hearing voices is her daily reality. The medical term is "auditory hallucinations." Jeannie is a leader in the Hearing Voices Movement, which aims to re-frame and destigmatize the extreme mental experiences that society labels as "crazy."