We strive to be at the forefront of discovery.

The Path Program is committed to conducting research on early psychosis and the clinical high-risk syndrome, often in collaboration with similar university-based programs across the U.S. and around the world, in order to advance our understanding of the causes of psychosis and to test innovative treatments.  


Our research focus 

Research has shown that early intervention for psychosis leads to better health outcomes. But today, there are limited tools available to help identify individuals at risk of developing psychosis, meaning that individuals experiencing early symptoms of psychosis may wait months, or even years, to seek support.   

Given increasing evidence for the benefits of early intervention, including improved long-term quality of life, our research aims to help identify early indicators of psychosis and predictors of risk for developing psychosis, including biomarkers and risk calculators. With more insight into the early warning signs and most important risk factors for psychosis, we strive to implement effective treatment sooner and empower young people to return to living their lives in the way they choose.  

Our ongoing studies, including clinical treatment trials, are open to eligible individuals regardless of health insurance status.   

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Research team

  • Daniel Mathalon (he/him), PhD, MD, Professor and Site Principal Investigator
  • Holly Hamilton (she/her), PhD, Assistant Professor and Co-Investigator
  • Barbara Stuart (she/her), PhD, Clinical Professor and Co-Investigator
  • Jessica Hua (she/her), PhD, Assistant Professor and Co-Investigator
  • Lénie Torregrossa (she/her), PhD, Research Psychologist, Assessor and Therapist
  • Stephanie Stiavetti (she/her), AMFT, Assessor and Therapist
  • Chris Perry (she/her), LMFT, Intake Coordinator
  • Fay Hartje (she/her), AMFT, Assessor and Therapist
  • Cindy Herrera (she/her), LMFT, Assessor
  • Janet Hwang (she/her), Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Cassandra Marzke (she/her), Research Assistant
  • Miranda Calacsan (she/they), Research Assistant
  • Paul Betancourt (he/him), Staff Research Associate
  • Spero Nicholas (he/him), MS, Programmer/Analyst