Chris Perry

Clinical Program Coordinator
+1 415 476-7414

Chris Perry (she/hers) is a marriage and family therapist who provides individual and group therapy to patients who are experiencing or at risk for psychosis and to her patients' families. She offers information, assessments and recommendations to families as well as to other care providers interested in early psychosis treatment.

Perry is interested in how psychology intersects with literature and other arts, and believes the arts expand our abilities to perceive and understand human experience. In her patient care and academic work, she uses drama and other expressive therapies, drawing connections between psychological experiences and resonant works of literature, thought or representation.

Perry participates in initial assessments and screenings for potential research participants in studies related to understanding psychosis and the risk symptoms that precede its development.

Perry earned her master's degree in psychology from San Francisco State University, where she now teaches in the graduate program in clinical psychology.